Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. strives to be a world class supplier of quality food products to the foodservice and grocery industry



Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. is committed to delivering outstanding results while operating with integrity and employing ethical business practices in all aspects of operations. Celebrate baking strives to provide an environment where team members can develop personally and professionally to achieve their goals. 



Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. believes the most important aspect of any business is the relationship with their customers. Over the years we have formed strategic partnerships with our customers and have worked together to not only produce an excellent product but also find solutions to help grow sales within the category. Our professional management team has over 100 years of combined baking experience which gives us the knowledge to create and collaborate on any project from inception, formulation to processing and merchandising. Our research and development department has the expertise to create any product based on the customer's specifications or we can develop products based solely on a customer's concept.

Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. began in 1990 selling pie shells to HEB grocery stores. Throughout the years Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. has manufactured and partnered with some of the largest food companies in the world. In 1995 Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. rolled out a pot pie line to service over 7500 units for Kentucky Fried Chicken. In 2002 Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. helped develop and rolled out a scone for General Mills. The product was carried in over 4000 Dunkin donut locations throughout the U.S. In Jan of 2007 Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. merged with Great Lakes Baking from Chicago which increased our product line and customer base and allowed Celebrate baking to expand into additional club store and retail markets. Between 2008 - 2012 Celebrate Baking Company, Inc. has increased sales by over 300%.